The Primal Sounds of Freedom

This event will be starting 11/11 and going through the Sedona Convergence and beyond! Teaching the world about the Roar, Coo & Howl 7:07 am - Roar - Red 12:12 pm - Coo - White […]

Global Freedom Convergence – The Gathering of Freedom

Preparing people for THE JOURNEY! Globally synchronized events for Freedom, co-created by Earth Walk and the global Medical Freedom Alliance Members and Allies of Freedom everywhere. All Allies will be invited to organize their own […]

The Journey to Freedom

Liberate yourself and others, and take the Journey to Freedom, at locations ALL OVER the world! The founder of Earth Walk, the Medical Freedom Protectors, and their Freedom Alliance, Tzadik HaNachash, will be walking from […]

The Sounds of Freedom

A globally synchronized event, where we, as one planet, and one voice, sing the songs of Freedom and play the instruments of love - ringing the bells of Liberty, and the shofars of Convergence; the […]